• Art & Culture
    Anti-Trump Street Art Reminds Us There Is Still Some Good In This World

    By Lee Moran Street artists are fighting back against Donald Trump. Various murals, stencils and posters depicting the GOP front-runner in assorted unflattering ways — comparing him to Adolf Hitler, Donald Duck and a piece of poop, among other things — have appeared on walls and sidewalks across the world in recent weeks. Below, we’ve […]

  • Politics & News
    Partners In Death: The GOP And NRA

    By Richard North Patterson The tragic toll of war stupefies and stuns. In the 240 years since the Revolutionary War, we have sacrificed nearly 1.4 million Americans to war. In itself, this number is hard to grasp. But harder yet is to reckon the human cost – of husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters; of […]

  • VIDEO: Cyprus president laughs off hijacking

    Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said that the hijacking of the plane that landed at Larnaca was not linked to terrorism. …read more Read more here: VIDEO: Cyprus president laughs off hijacking

  • World
    This Is What Climate Change Has Done To The Great Barrier Reef

    By Nick Visser A new aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef shows the vast extent of a “severe” bleaching event that’s caused widespread coral death over the past several weeks. The National Coral Bleaching Taskforce study found 95 percent of individual reefs in the most pristine section of the ecosystem showed severe bleaching. The […]

  • China editor resigns over censorship

    A senior journalist at a Chinese newspaper announces on social media that he is resigning due to the authorities’ control over the media. …read more Read more here: China editor resigns over censorship

  • Politics
    National poll: Clinton, Sanders tighten; Trump approaches 50 percent

    By ngass@politico.com (Nick Gass) More than half of Republican and Republican-leaning voters nationwide—52 percent—say they want to see a general election contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, according to the results of the latest online weekly NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday. The Democratic race, meanwhile, has tightened to six points, while Trump is approaching […]

  • ‘Months’ until Brussels airport normal

    It will take months to reopen Brussels airport fully, its CEO warns, as staff return to the site a week after it was hit by Islamist bombers. …read more Read more here: ‘Months’ until Brussels airport normal

  • Politics
    Trump’s popularity nosedives in critical stretch

    By SShepard@politico.com (Steven Shepard) Donald Trump wasn’t wildly popular to begin with. And now he’s becoming even more disliked among American voters, creating a significant threat to his chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination. Trump is, by far, the GOP delegate leader – and the only candidate with a realistic shot at winning a […]

  • Politics
    Clinton super PAC readies early Trump strike

    By Shane Goldmacher Hillary Clinton’s biggest super PAC has already reserved $70 million in TV ads after this summer’s conventions in battleground states, but the group is preparing for an even earlier assault on Donald Trump — possibly while he is still busy battling his fellow Republicans to secure his party’s nomination. Guy Cecil, chief […]

  • Politics
    Supreme Court vise closes on Grassley

    By skim@politico.com (Seung Min Kim) ROCK RAPIDS, Iowa — Sen. Chuck Grassley had just launched his second town hall meeting of the day when a woman posed — at least for Republicans — a worst-case scenario: What if Hillary Clinton wins in November and nominates someone more liberal than Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court? […]