• Politics
    Draft Debate Highlights Feminist Contradictions

    By Heather Wilhelm Last Saturday’s GOP debate was disastrous for many reasons — Chris Christie’s kamikaze snarling, Marco Rubio’s deer-in-the-headlights moment, and the free pass granted to Donald Trump by his terrified rivals count among the many lowlights — but perhaps the weirdest moment came with the posing of a simple hypothetical. “Should young women […]

  • A Plan to Help Manufacturers and Consumers

    By Michael Needham As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fight to define the true meaning of progressive socialism, the Republican-controlled Congress has an opportunity to lead on an issue that will help manufacturers and consumers. Most Americans are familiar with the convoluted nature of America’s tax code, but few realize the absurdity embedded in our […]

  • Auschwitz Guard, 94, Goes On Trial Over Murder Of 170K People

    By Nina Golgowski A 94-year-old former guard at Auschwitz lowered his eyes as he arrived at a German court on Thursday to be tried as an accessory to the murder of at least 170,000 people in what is likely to be one of the last few Nazi war crimes trials. Reinhold Hanning was 20 years […]

  • World
    VIDEO: What is a super-confessor?

    Pope Francis sends more than 1,000 priests on a global mission to forgive grave sins that normally only he, or a top Church official, may pardon. …read more Read more here: VIDEO: What is a super-confessor?

  • Art & Culture
    8 Photos That Prove Tattoos Are Badass At Any Age

    By Yagana Shah Turning 50 seems to be the perfect time to go under the needle. No, we’re not talking Botox and fillers. We’re talking about tattoos. More and more post 50s are getting inked for the very first time and no, it’s not part of some so-called midlife crisis journey. It’s about confidence, empowerment, […]

  • Business
    What The Healthiest People Do During Their Lunch Breaks

    By Carla Herreria The lunch break is a very valuable part of the workday. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take it seriously. Research shows an astonishing 65 percent of working Americans tend to eat lunch at their desks, in front of screens. Or worse, many sometimes skip the meal altogether. It’s time to stop wasting […]

  • Business
    3 Simple Tips For Planning Your Estate

    By Erris Langer Klapper As a trusts and estates lawyer, I spent much of my time for over a decade as an estate administrator, tidily wrapping-up human life on retainer for heirs of estates. Some estates were small, consisting of a checking account and a few outstanding debts, while some were larger than life requiring […]