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    The Case For a National Primary Holiday

    By Anne Stevenson Last week, 1,400 Iowa caucus voters chose Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton over Vermont’s Liberal Senator Bernie as their nominee for president by a hotly contested margin of 4 votes. Although Canadian-born Ted Cruz handily won the Republican nomination, Constitutional scholars say he’s not eligible to be president. Constitutional scholars aside, […]

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    Suffering A Concussion Could Triple The Risk Of Suicide

    By Travis Waldron Adults who suffer concussions are at a heightened risk of dying by suicide, a study released Monday by researchers at the University of Toronto has found. The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, examined more than 235,000 adults who had suffered concussions over 20 years and found an incidence rate […]

  • Latino In America
    This Student Expertly Schools Her White Male Teacher On Racism

    By Lilly Workneh Teaching students about the reality of racism is important, and one video has gone viral showing what can happen when a student believes it hasn’t been taught right. The video, which was shared to Facebook on Thursday and has since received nearly 5 million views, captured a snippet of one student’s reaction […]

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    How Much Does It Cost to Buy the Presidency?

    By Brian Hughes In 2012, Obama and Romney spent $11.75 per registered voter during the election, reports, El Toro. Despite the decline of broadcast TV, more than half of the campaigns’ advertising budgets got dropped on TV ads. And thus far in this election cycle, the pattern continues. While digital ad spend is expected to […]

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    Gun Owners Pressure NRA Over Ted Nugent’s Anti-Semitic Rant

    By Christina Wilkie WASHINGTON — The National Rifle Association came under increasing pressure Tuesday to distance itself from longtime NRA board member Ted Nugent, after he posted photos of prominent Jewish Americans who he claimed were “really behind gun control.” The photos are overlaid with Israeli flags and anti-Semitic labels. For instance, the image of […]

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    I’m Not Ashamed to Like Hillary

    By Lesleyann Coker I like Hillary. There, I said it. I’m tired of feeling like a pariah. Liking Bernie Sanders is cool. Liking Hillary Clinton is not. Whenever I tell people I like Hillary, I’m met with incredulous stares and voices dripping with disgust. “Really?” they ask. “Why? How can you like her?” You’d think […]

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    Read Live Updates On The New Hampshire Primary Results

    By Paige Lavender Voters in New Hampshire took to the polls Tuesday in the first official primary of the 2016 race. The first primary results rolled in just after midnight, thanks to three towns that begin voting at 12 a.m. See more results here. Read live updates on the primary below: — This feed and […]

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    When You Ask Me To Vote For Hillary

    By Robyn Morton I do not think it means what you think it means. I’m going to set aside all of the standard issues I might have with Hillary Clinton. This isn’t about policies with which I disagree, or the fact that she’s never met a war she didn’t like, or that she has turned […]