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Bill Clinton: Sanders Attacks on Hillary Have Been “Inaccurate”

Bill Clinton tells NBC’s Andrea Mitchell young people are mad, and rightly so, but need to listen to who will what caused the anger, what’s the best remedy and who is most likely to empower them. Clinton called attacks by the Sanders campaign on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary “inaccurate.”

ANDREA MITCHELL: Why do you think Bernie Sanders’ argument is having an impact here? What can you do to counteract?

BILL CLINTON: First of all, here, there’s never been a candidate bordering New Hampshire that didn’t win the primary in an open challenge including when I ran. So you get 25 years of basically positive publicity or 30 years however long he’s been in office, and secondly people are really mad, young people are really mad and really apprehensive and they’re right to be. But they should listen to a debate about what caused it, what’s the best remedy and who’s most likely to improve their lives and empower them. And so far this debate’s been frozen for a year.

MITCHELL: Do you think he’s been unfair to her?

CLINTON: Well I think he’s been inaccurate – unfair is – but the point is, we’ve got the chance to debate now, it’s all out in the opem, that’s good. …read more

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