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Brit Hume: If Pence Performed A Stunt, So Are NFL Players; Either Both Are Stunts Or Neither Are

Brit Hume commentary on Vice President Mike Pence leaving the Colts-49ers game after players kneeled for the national anthem. Hume said if what Pence did was a stunt then what NFL players do week in and week out also qualifies as a stunt. Hume also said he found it amusing that liberals have suddenly developed a deep concern about the budget after expressing outrage at the cost of Pence’s trip.

From Monday’s Special Report:

BRIT HUME: I think you can take the view that says the players are performing these stunts, some of them week in and week out. And the administration, Vice President Pence, have responded to that by a counter-stunt. I think you could say they are both stunts or neither are stunts. I don’t see how anybody could seriously argue that what the players have been doing is not a stunt and what the vice president did is a stunt. I think any kind of sensible and balanced look at this thing would say they are both doing the same thing.

These are political actions, both of them are political actions. The administration tonight, or the Trump team is trying to fundraise off of this. This is what you expect with political acts. That they think they have a winner here, that the overwhelming majority of fans and the overwhelming majority of voters will side with the president and his vice president on this idea of respecting the national anthem and they can fundraise off it.

BRET BAIER: Politically in your mind, this is a winner for the administration despite the hackles about the trip to Indianapolis costing ‘x’ amount of dollars and stepping on Peyton Manning’s big night or whatever they’re saying in Indianapolis.

HUME: I am somewhat amused by a lot of liberal critics of the vice president who have suddenly developed a deep concern about our budget. After years in which the deficit was exploding and now they are concerned about this. My sense is that what happened, the vice president was going out there to his home state and his home team’s event to celebrate the career of Peyton Manning, who won a Super Bowl while playing with the Indianapolis Colts. They had an event before the game to honor him and he was principally there for that. I have no doubt that he and the president decided ahead of time that if the players were to stage a kneel that he would walk out. I think it was probably planned. Politics on both sides, it seems to me. …read more

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