• Politics
    Ex-military chiefs just took a stand against the trans ban in federal court

    By Alex Ward… Three former secretaries of the US Army, Navy, and Air Force have officially added their support to a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s order banning transgender service members. Their voices add to a growing chorus of current and former military leaders who believe the ban will harm the military by expelling able-bodied […]

  • Politics
    Trump under fire over epic Friday news dump

    By jdawsey@politico.com (Josh Dawsey) It was a Friday night news dump like rarely seen before: President Donald Trump’s administration announced a series of polarizing decisions that had been under discussions for weeks, just as a hurricane bore down on the Texas coast. Trump privately had signaled for weeks he would pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, praising […]

  • Specials
    North Korea fires ‘several projectiles’, says South

    North Korea has fired three short-range ballistic missiles, the US military says. They were launched from a site in the North Korean province of Gangwon and flew for about 250km (150 miles), officials in South Korea said. Since firing an intercontinental ballistic weapon last month, Pyongyang has threatened to aim missiles at the US Pacific […]

  • Politics
    What Still Unites Us?

    By Patrick Buchanan Decades ago, a debate over what kind of nation America is roiled the conservative movement. Neocons claimed America was an “ideological nation” a “creedal nation,” dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.” Expropriating the biblical mandate, “Go forth and teach all nations!” they divinized democracy and made the conversion […]

  • Politics
    The coal industry would like some federal handouts, and it is not shy about it

    By David Roberts “Picking winners” doesn’t look so bad when you’re losing. The US coal industry is dying — but not with any dignity. As the end approaches, its sense of aggrieved entitlement is increasingly naked, its demands for government handouts increasingly frantic. As dread builds, shame has left the building. The story of coal’s […]

  • Money
    Janet Yellen defends US regulations

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen defended financial rules introduced to the US after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, backing policies that President Donald Trump has deemed “a disaster”. The Trump administration has said the rules have stifled economic growth and lending. It is working with Republicans in Congress and financial firms to roll back some regulations. […]

  • Politics & News
    Lindsey Graham: President Trump Focusing Against Congress “A Very Thought-Out Strategy, There’s Nothing Crazy About It”

    Sen. Lindsey Graham joined syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt for an interview Tabout President Trump’s claim that he is willing to shut down the government to get funding for his border wall. “President Trump is thinking the right way in terms of putting combinations together that will get Democratic votes. Here’s the problem. You’re going […]

  • Politics
    Trump’s Palmerstonian Policy

    By Michael Barone President Donald Trump‘s Afghanistan speech Monday night was disciplined, measured and sometimes verging on eloquence. It was presidential. Evidently, his vision wasn’t impaired when he looked at the eclipse without the proper eyewear earlier in the day. Like Barack Obama, Trump came to office determined to get out of Afghanistan. “My original instinct […]