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Chuck Todd: Trump’s Presidency Is Now In Some Peril

CHUCK TODD: Good Sunday morning and happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Before we get to our main story for this show, we want to update you on the progress of one father in particular, Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot at the Republican baseball practice Wednesday. His condition has improved from critical to serious.

After undergoing another surgery yesterday, the hospital says he is more responsive and is now actually speaking with his loved ones. All of us here at NBC News offer our best wishes for a speedy recovery for the Louisiana congressman, and of course all those who were injured in that tragedy.

Now back to our main focus this morning. President Trump has been in office for less than five months. And it’s fair to say his presidency is now in some peril. News organizations led by The Washington Post reported this week that Mr. Trump is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice.

The president struck back on Twitter, seeming to acknowledge that that fact was true. But then a source close to his outside counsel insisted that when President Trump said, “I am being investigated for firing the F.B.I. director,” that was not an acknowledgement that he was being investigated for firing the F.B.I. director.

It was another bizarre Twitter turn as both the White House and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team have been lawyering up, preparing for what appears to be a long battle with potentially historic implications. Throw in word that Mueller is also looking into the president’s son-in-law’s business dealings and potential interactions with Russians, and you have a presidency increasingly enveloped in crisis. And all this on a week punctuated by that frightening attack on Republican lawmakers, that exposed how thin the line can be between talk and violence. …read more

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