WOLF BLITZER, CNN: Yesterday, the president said any more threats, he used the word threats, from the North Korean regime would result in the fire and fury and power of the United States that the world has never seen before.

Has North Korea, with this statement that they just put out, crossed that red line that was drawn by the president?

SEN. MARKEY (D-MA): Here’s what I think.

When the president says that they should not take any additional action, you know who he’s been frightening? He’s been frightening the American people. He’s been frightening Asian nations who believe that a conflict could imminently be breaking out.

It’s clear that he’s not frightening the North Koreans. The North Koreans are now escalating and threatening Guam. They’re threatening American citizens on Guam. They’re threatening to shoot missiles over Japan towards Guam.

And, so, that’s just one more signal that we’re receiving that dialogue, negotiations is what we should be pursuing and we should be doing so urgently right now. And we should also, by the way, be naming an envoy to South Korea.

We don’t even have an ambassador to South Korea right now that could be our intermediary at this point. This entire situation that the administration is creating, they’re saying they’re good cop, they’re bad cop. No, this is Keystone Cops. This is no plan. This is not a strategy.

This is just escalating like it’s a schoolyard brawl with people yelling at each other, but now it’s with two sides with nuclear weapons. It must end. We must begin negotiations now. …read more

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