Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz talks President Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea and the new Clinton email search on Saturday’s broadcast of FOX & Friends. Dershowitz said Trump enjoys more credibility with North Korea than Obama did with his foreign policy.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: One hopes that the president is not doing what President Obama did years ago when he created a red line with Syria and then it failed to comply.

I think that probably at this point President Trump has more credibility. I suspect he is believed because he’s so unpredictable.

We saw it today, that the North Koreans respected in kind. So, it’s hard to second guess. Some presidents have taken the position of speak softly and carry a big stick. Other presidents have spoken forcefully and loud. It really depends on the situation…

I think we ought to take a deep breath and wait and see how it plays out. …read more

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