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Don Lemon: I Don’t Understand Trump’s “Unhealthy Obsession” With Antifa

CNN’s Don Lemon wonders why President Trump has an “obsession” with Antifa and claims he is being “manipulated” by FOX News.

From Thursday’s CNN Tonight:

DON LEMON, CNN: It isn’t just that, Symone, I mean, and Amanda, is that there’s always a comparison. Like sometimes there is just no comparison. Yes, but these guys. His obsession with Antifa. I don’t — I don’t understand he has an unhealthy obsession with Antifa and maybe it’s because Fox News has — does he need an enemy because he makes an enemy out of…


CARPENTER: Well, I think that is part of it, right.


CARPENTER: I mean, this goes back to his campaign methods in which he would always point out the protesters, always point out the us versus them narrative. And then, you know, Antifa did kind of resent it, though.

LEMON: So do you think, Amanda, that the president is being manipulated to by reports? Because I watch Fox News and I’ve been watching Fox News for years, but lately they are obsessed with Antifa and with stories about race and pitting.


LEMON: Is the president then being manipulated by Fox News on these stories because he doesn’t understand that they need an enemy and that they are playing to their base as well and riling their viewers up to watch and go yes, yes, you’re right. …read more

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