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Feinstein: President Trump’s Pattern Of “Instability, Volatility” Will Lead To “Serious Discord”

NBC’s Chuck Todd repeatedly asks Sen. Dianne Feinstein if it is time to remove President Trump from office. Feinstein might face a primary challenge from Democratic fundraiser Tom Steyer, who is buying ads calling for Trump’s impeachment.

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: Well, in the first place, I just told you I happen to be ranking on Judiciary, which means I’m the lead Democrat on this. I’m trying to be very careful as to what I say and what I do. We have to put together facts that are solid, that are very close to evidence, if not evidence, and also draw some conclusions and possibly do some legislation.

So, this is a process that’s ongoing. Now, I’m not without the powers of observation —

TODD: Right.

FEINSTEIN: — or seeing what’s going on around me or watching the day by day episodes go by. The concern rises with the day. The concern about this White House —

TODD: The concern about the president? Your concern about this president’s ability to do the job rises by the day?

FEINSTEIN: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I’ve been here for 25 years now. There is a kind of instability, unpredictability. It’s one issue after the other. We’ve got major problems in the world with our allies now. In the Middle East, with North Korea, it goes on and on. And I think that this president is just precipitating more and more angst that’s going to lead to serious discord.

TODD: When do you hit your enough is enough moment?

FEINSTEIN: Well, it happened about a month ago, and I can’t give you any particular event, but it happens — you know, those of us that are here —

TODD: So you think you need to get him out of office?

FEINSTEIN: — understand how the White House functions. And as you begin to see one day it’s one story, the next day it’s another story, the third day it’s another story. It’s very concerning to get at the truth.

TODD: So, I mean, you just said you’ve hit your point. Do you believe it’s time to think about getting him out of office?

FEINSTEIN: I believe it’s time for us to finish our investigation.


FEINSTEIN: And I don’t want to bias any part of the investigation with premature thinking.

TODD: All right.

FEINSTEIN: I think that’s very important. …read more

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