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‘Fox & Friends’ on Trump’s President-for-Life Remark: “It’s A Joke!” “Take It Figuratively”

On Sunday’s edition of ‘Fox & Friends,’ weekend hosts Pete Hegseth, Abby Huntsman, and Griff Jenkins laugh at how seriously CNN is taking a recording of President Trump joking about being president-for-life they released Saturday.

“Another network that the president calls the Fake News Network (CNN) obtained audio of what the president said and released,” Pete Hegseth explained. “Listen to what the president says and imagine how the so-called mainstream media will respond… He’s making a joke… You could hear the laughter in the room.”

Co-host Jenkins adds: “You hear the silverware moving around, the ambient room noise. You hear that because there was no press. This was a fundraising group… So it is specifically not supposed to have cameras, audio… Clearly, someone was trying to secretly tape the president.”

The third host shouts over him: “It’s a joke! It’s a joke! The president loves to entertain wherever he is. He’s got that entertainment vibe about him, he loves playing a crowd.”

“But it is also ironic,” she added. “The left always brings up dictatorship, right? Always saying dictatorship this, dictatorship that with Trump. If you’re a dictator, do you decentralize your government? Do you get rid of federal regulations? Do you give power back to the people? This presidency is the opposite of a dictatorship.”

Hegseth slammed several other news stations, including Reuters, who he says over-reacted with predictable headlines like thisTrump Praises Chinese President Extending Tenure ‘For Life’.

“They don’t know when to take the president figuratively, and then they take him literally for their own purposes,” Hegseth added. …read more

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