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MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I’m long-time media observer, but even I am kind of gobsmacked by the media coverage of this firing. It is definitely a big story –the firing of an FBI director — but much of the media coverage has turned this into something almost delusional. A belief that Comey, who everyone agreed until a few minutes ago, was really bad at his job, and had not done a good job managing the FBI, was fired as part of a global Russian conspiracy.

So I was very apprecitive of the acting director’s testimony today where he debunked many of these mainstream media talking points that are out there…

And not just what he said in the testimony, but there was another story on the front page of certain papers saying that the deputy AG had threatened to quit, that was sourced to anonymous sources, he on the record denied that.

So basically every major story that is pushed out to produce this narrative of a Russian conspiracy was debunked within hours.

I think the media really need to take a breath, it is a big story. But the manner in which they are covering this is borderline delusional. …read more

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