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Limbaugh: Brian Ross “Had To Know” His Flynn Story Was ‘BS’

From the Monday, December 4, 2017 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Program:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The three major networks have yet to explain why Brian Ross has been suspended for a month. The three major networks are ignoring this story. Brian Ross, once again, crapped the bed on Friday with an absolute BS story that he had to know was BS. And we opened the program on Friday calling him out, urging everybody not to panic over what Brian Ross was reporting, because you can’t trust it.

This guy has reported lies about me throughout my career, some of it genuinely damaging. And if I weren’t a public figure, I would have actionable opportunities on it. But he has shown himself to be a full-fledged partisan, and ABC knows it, and Brian Ross gives ABC exactly what it wants. The idea that they’re outraged and disappointed over what happened is crazy. He gets a four-week unpaid vacation over the month of December, which as we all know is the time we hit the Christmas break traditionally and not a whole lot of news is made. So it ain’t that bad a deal for Brian Ross, and I doubt that his reputation in his own mind has been damaged at all here.

But let’s go back and relive the moment when I tried to calm the waters here on Friday. What Brian Ross had reported was that the president, as a candidate, had encouraged members of his team to call the Russians and tamper with Obama administration foreign policy. He mentioned that Trump ordered this done as a candidate. Were that true, that would be big news. And that would be very bad. And that would have been very wrong.

But it didn’t happen. It happened after Trump became president-elect, after he had won the election, and it happened during the transition, making it not a big deal at all, making it quite common for Trump ordering various members of his team to call countries and their representatives to set the table for the incoming new administration. There is nothing criminal about it except they’re trying to criminalize this particular presidential transition.

So they ran with this. And over on The View, I mean, Joy Behar is doing a dance like she probably hasn’t done in 70 years. She’s so excited, so thrilled, had no idea that Brian Ross had made it up, lied about it, got it wrong, however you want to characterize it. This is how I opened the program Friday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I don’t mean to be talking down here, but everybody calm down. Just calm down. ABC News and Brian Ross are exactly who we think they are. Brian Ross reporting that Flynn promised to tell Mueller anything he wants to know about Trump and his family. Folks, it’s Brian Ross, it’s ABC, it’s much ado about nothing.

RUSH: Here is Brian Ross last Friday morning, ABC special report, anchor George Stephanopoulos talking to Brian Ross about Flynn pleading guilty to a count of lying to the FBI, which we’re gonna get into again, folks, today. It’s all gonna be made clear today. Talk about transparency and clarity, that’s the coin of the realm here and by the time we finish you will have no questions or doubts about anything that’s happened since we were last together on Friday. So Stephanopoulos says, "Hey, Brian, this would suggest that Michael Flynn had a fair amount of information to offer the special counsel in return.â€

ROSS: He’s prepared to testify, we are told by a confidant, against President Trump, against members of the Trump family and others in the White House. He’s prepared to testify that President Trump, as a candidate, Donald Trump, ordered him, directed him to make contact with the Russians, which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said at this point.

RUSH: Well, now, the keyword in that bite is "President Trump as a candidate.†Meaning before the election. And had that happened, then the Trump team and Trump would be in heap big doo-doo. But it was wrong. And of course Stephanopoulos’ question is wrong. "Brian, this would suggest Michael Flynn had a fair amount of information to offer.†No, it doesn’t. It means Flynn doesn’t have anything to offer, if all they got him on was lying to the FBI in a process crime.

When your lead witness, when your lead witness can’t testify to the scheme, and Flynn’s not testifying or pleading guilty to any scheme here, he’s testifying or pleading guilty to lying to investigators. So Mueller has secured as his number one witness an admitted liar. Now, if this case ever sees an indictment before a jury, Flynn’s not gonna do them any good. But that’s not what they’re aiming for here, folks. They’re aiming for impeachment, and they’re aiming for impeachment on an obstruction of justice charge.

There is no collusion with Russia, there never was any collusion with Russia, and they’re not pursuing collusion with Russia. They’re gonna go after Trump for obstructing justice. It all has to with Trump telling Comey, asking Comey to go easy on Flynn whether or not Trump knew that Flynn had lied when all of that happened. They don’t have anything on the primary objective of this entire investigation. They’ve got zilch, they got zero, they got nada. They don’t have any collusion with the Russians because there wasn’t any. All they’ve got now is an attempt to portray Trump as obstructing justice as president-elect and as president, not as a candidate.

So Brian Ross makes this report, and the stock market tanks 350 points. This cost people a lot of money. It laid out there. This report laid out there for a while during most of the day, and people reacting to it, and most people didn’t parse it. They didn’t hear the word "candidate†at first. Some did eventually. Which is what raised everybody’s attention. And then Friday night on ABC’s World News Tonight, here is a portion of Brian Ross’s report about Flynn …read more

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