From the Monday, June 12th broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Do you remember all the media…? When Trump fires Comey, and he issues his letter, and he puts that reference (paraphrased), "Even though you insured me three times I was not a target, you’re still a dryball, and I’m still firing you.†Remember the media reaction to that? The media reaction went from, "How dare Trump? Why, that’s just silly! Look at how petty Trump is,†to, "He didn’t say that! Comey would never have told him that,†and they went and got legal experts. They got law professors. They got presidential scholars and historians to say, "James Comey would never admit to anybody that he wasn’t a target, especially this reprobate Trump.

"James Comey would never do anything of the sort.†I remember all of those stories. They were all over the New York Times and the Washington Post, and they were all over CNN, lampooning and laughing and mocking at Trump for making it up, that Comey would never violate the rules of investigations like that. "You never tell people they’re not a target! Never, never! Even if they’re not, you never tell them. Comey would have never done it,†and then when Comey’s prerelease testimony hits last Wednesday night, and he admits he told Trump!

I’m telling you, the seething got even worse, because once again, the crowd that thinks Trump can’t shoot straight was foiled again. This Trump and the media and the Democrats thing is becoming more and more like the Roadrunner and coyote to me. It may be apparent to you yet, but it is becoming that way to me. You know, the coyote goes insane every episode. He buys the latest, greatest contraption to catch the Roadrunner, and the Roadrunner outsmarts the coyote every time. It’s one of my favorite all time cartoons, by the way: Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

Everybody thinks Trump is the one who ought to be going nuts, with all this pressure, all this criticism, all these assaults, all these attacks, all this disrespect, all the people making fun of him like Saturday Night Live and all these supposedly funny late-night comedians. …read more

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