NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker on Monday’s edition of NBC’s Today:

KRISTEN WELKER, NBC NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT:The White House dealing with that devastating one-two punch, the bombshell book by Bob Woodward and that searing anonymous op-ed in The New York Times, and it comes as former President Barack Obama is breaking with the tradition in which former commanders in chiefs don’t criticize their successors. He’s now entering the heart of the fight.

Former President Obama taking the rare step of coming off the sidelines and entering the political fray, aiming to help Democrats take back the House, calling out President Trump by name in Illinois.

"The WH dealing w/ that devastating 1-2 punch: the bombshell book by Bob Woodward & that searing, anon. op-ed in the NYT. And it comes… as former President Obama is breaking w/ the tradition in which former commanders-in-chiefs don’t criticize their successors.†-@kwelkernbc pic.twitter.com/OKlguGWkeT— TODAY (@TODAYshow) September 10, 2018 …read more

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