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Nikki Haley: “It Is A New Day At The United Nations”

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley updates CNN’s Dana Bash about what to expect at next week’s UN General Assembly in New York, and President Trump’s attitude towards the world deliberative body.

BASH: Will the president stick by his America-first message when he appears before the U.N. this coming week?

HALEY: Well, I think you have to look at the fact that what he said at the time was accurate.

I mean, I think we saw a United Nations where the United States was giving over 25 percent of the funding and was being utterly disrespected and a United Nations that was bashing Israel every chance they get, a United Nations that talked a lot, but didn’t have a lot of action.

And now we can say, it is a new day at the U.N. What you are now seeing is the Israel — the Israel-bashing has become more balanced. You’ve got a United Nations that’s action-orientated.

We’ve passed two resolutions on North Korea just in the last month. And you also have a United Nations that is totally moving towards reform. You have a secretary-general who’s come out with a massive reform package.

We said that we needed to get value for our dollar. And what we’re finding is the international community is right there with us in support of reform. So, it is a new day at the U.N.

I think that the pleas that he made in terms of trying to see change at the United Nations have been heard. And I think what we’ll do is see him respond to that come on Tuesday. …read more

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