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CHUCK TODD played a tape on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS” that appears to have CHIEF OF STAFF JOHN KELLY firing Omarosa Manigault Newman. This is allegedly from the situation room in the White House. Again, let that sink in. An adviser to the president brought a recording device into the situation room to record the chief of staff. 20-second video

— OMAROSA first spoke to Kelly when he was firing her, according to a tape of their conversation aired on “Meet the Press.” Watch this video, which has Kelly saying that he wanted the departure to be friendly, so there would be no damage to her reputation. Video

— QUOTE OF THE MORNING … OMAROSA to Chuck: “Being used by Donald Trump for so long, I was like the frog in the hot water. You don’t know that you’re in that situation until it just keeps bubbling and bubbling. … I will say this to you: I was complicit with this White House deceiving this nation. They continue to deceive this nation by how mentally declined he is, how difficult it is for him to process complex information, how he is not engaged in some of the most important decisions that impact our country.” 1:41 video

KELLYANNE CONWAY responds to OMAROSA’s book, speaking to JON KARL on ABC’S “THIS WEEK”: “The first time I ever heard Omarosa suggest those awful things about this president are in this book. And I think that Omarosa unfortunately has undercut her own credibility. Whether it’s in the NPR interview confuting a very central fact in the book that she had never heard those alleged tapes and then she said the tapes really changed it for me.

“And this is somebody who gave a glowing him glowing appraisal of Donald Trump the businessman, the star of the ‘The Apprentice,’ the candidate and indeed, the president of the United States. She told your network, Jon, ABC News the day after she was fired from the White House she resigned, now she’s saying she was fired, she — that Donald Trump is not a racist, she said she never heard him use the N-word.”

KELLYANNE to MARTHA MCCALLUM on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”: “Whether it’s 30 pieces of silver, or a seven-figure book advance for you, your publicist, your ghost writers and others, all that’s changed is this book deal and her being fired so I think he probably feels very betrayed.”

JAKE TAPPER spoke with RUDY GIULIANI on CNN’S “STATE OF THE UNION” … GIULIANI on MICHAEL AVENATTI running for president: “Look, he has every right to do what he wants. I mean, I think he — I would settle his bank — the bankruptcy situation, where he owes 10 million bucks, first, but, hey, it’s up to him.”

HEADS UP! The Senate Judiciary Committee just posted nearly 88,000 pages of Brett Kavanaugh material. The index

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S WEEK … Monday: THE PRESIDENT will go to Fort Drum, New York, to sign the defense authorization act. He will then hold a roundtable for supporters and a fundraiser. Tuesday: TRUMP will have lunch with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Thursday: TRUMP will hold a Cabinet meeting and have lunch with VP Mike Pence.

PROTESTS IN D.C. TODAY … WaPo’s Joe Helm: “Downtown Washington was calm Sunday morning, but the relative quiet was not likely to last. As many as 400 people are expected to make their way to Lafayette Park across the street from the White House later to take part in an event planned by the organizer of last year’s deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

“The gathering, billed as a ‘white civil rights’ rally, is taking place on the anniversary of the Charlottesville violence, which killed a counterprotester, Heather Heyer, and took the lives of two Virginia State troopers whose helicopter crashed as they returned from monitoring the day’s events. …

“In Washington, thousands protesting the white supremacist rally also are expected at numerous locations, and many plan to converge on Lafayette Park, before the organizer of the rally, Jason Kessler, and his followers arrive. Both Kessler and opposition groups have permits from the National Park Service to demonstrate at the park, a leafy seven-acre enclave just across Pennsylvania Avenue from the president’s residence. …

“Those planning to attend Kessler’s rally, according to documents obtained by Washington City Paper from the National Park Service, include David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard who also attended the event in Charlottesville last year, as well as neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers.” WaPo

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Street closures

WHAT AMERICA IS READING … DES MOINES REGISTER: “CLIMATE CHANGE COMES TO IOWA: State is warming, bringing more frequent, intense storms”WICHITA EAGLE: “County officials wield power as Colyer vs. Kobach race undecided” AUSTIN-AMERICAN STATESMAN: “TECH TAKEOVER: As industry giants arrive, downtown Austin is remade”

… JANESVILLE GAZETTE: “Will ‘blue wave’ commence Tuesday? … Crowded primary will pick Democrat to face Walker” ARIZONA REPUBLIC: “after three months of torture, a mother and her son are together again.”

SPOTTED: House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer walking through Albuquerque International Sunport on Saturday morning.

NYT’S MONICA DAVEY in MAZOMANIE, WISCONSIN: “Wisconsin Faces a Political Crossroads Tuesday. Which Way Will It Go?”: “[Gov. Scott] Walker is still Wisconsin’s governor, still harboring national ambitions, and Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans have only grown more divided over Mr. Trump and the state’s place in national politics.

“Those dynamics are now on display as Wisconsin prepares for a major primary election on Tuesday: Mr. Walker’s bid for a third term is at stake; Wisconsin Democrats’ desire to deal blows to Trump Republicanism is intense; Republicans are deeply concerned about their future hold on state government; and the very identity of the state, which swings between progressivism and conservatism, feels up for grabs.” NYT

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS FRONT PAGE: “Swalwell may have sights set on top job: Lawmaker’s trips …read more

Read more here: Omarosa airs tapes on ‘Meet the Press,’ says Trump has ‘mentally declined’

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