Rep. Luis Gutierrez warned President Trump will rescind the DACA program, which allows children brought to the U.S. by illegal immigrants to stay, before September 5th.

Gutierrez said Trump directing then-FBI director James Comey to “stop” the investigation into Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn is criminal, not “beautiful” DREAMERS who have “come out out of the shadow.”

“I think he’s going to rescind [DACA] before September 5th,” Gutierrez lamented. “Those are people, Ari, that registered with the government, went through a background check, paid their taxes, are on the books. And he’s going to give them a life of hopelessness and of despair after they’ve come out of the shadow.”

“To me, someone, who at the White House says, to the Attorney General, says to the Vice President, and to his son-in-law, ‘leave the room’ and then tells the head of the FBI, ‘I want you to stop an investigation into [Michael] Flynn.’ That to me is a criminal act of obstruction of justice; not those young, beautiful people who have come out and we love them. I see them as my own children,” Gutierrez said. …read more

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