On Monday morning’s edition of his regular ‘Coffee With Scott Adams’ Periscope broadcast, the startup expert and creator of the ‘Dilbert’ cartoon brainstormed ideas to help President Trump find out-of-the-box ideas to lower health care costs.

“It could be that [such a plan] gets modified down the road by Congress, but as a starting place, why don’t we give our populist president something to sell? We hired a salesman and gave him no product to sell… We sent him into battle unarmed,” he explained.
New hashtag for health care plan ideas from the public: #PeoplesPlanHealth (Let’s give @realDonaldTrump something to sell to Congress.)— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) August 7, 2017

He wrote a simple elevator pitch in his blog later that day:

We the People of the United States elected a populist president to go to Washington DC and make the changes the people want. Sounds good on paper.

Unless the people don’t know what they want.

That’s the situation with health care. The public doesn’t have any majority opinion on what a comprehensive plan should look like. The topic is too complicated and the public is too uninformed. We sent President Trump into battle unarmed. If We the People find a way to tell our president what we want, I have confidence he can help us get it. But if we don’t know what we want, our populist president has nothing to sell. That’s our situation today. We elected the world’s greatest salesman and gave him no product to sell to Congress.

Don’t say ‘repeal Obamacare.’ That’s not a health care plan. That’s just a step.

What we need is a ‘people’s plan’ for health care that does not originate from congress or lobbyists or the healthcare industry. We need 1-3 sensible plans created by the public, and presented to our populist president for selling to Congress. No other path is likely to succeed.

To get the ball rolling, I created the hashtag #PeoplesPlanHealth to capture the various ideas coming from the public. If any of those plans emerge as popular (based on retweets, likes, etc.) I have offered to help turn what is likely to be a complicated idea into something simple and persuasive. Once we have a plan with popular support, and persuasive packaging, I will make sure it gets to the right people in the White House. One way or another.

Scott Adams is the author of the upcoming book, Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter, where he will reveal why he calls President Trump a “Master Persuader” and what clues led him to be one of the first to predict that Trump would win the 2016 election.

But before he explains the health care idea, he makes a prediction that sounds as bold as the one he made about President Trump’s election: If the president gets health care (and a few other things) right, the United States could be on the brink of a Golden Age.

He lists potential wins: “If you get health care, something with taxes, ISIS is beaten back, and you have North Korea starting to look good, that is the Golden Age, my friends. Economy is already good, optimism would be sky high, even the VA is looking better.”

“If we don’t get health care, we can’t say we ever had a Golden Age, even if other stuff goes well. But if we get health care, and it comes from the people, and it looks like a success, we will start to see a pattern of success that is unparalleled– something we’ve never seen before,” he explained.

“Half the country is thinking we’re on the verge of complete civil war, breakdown, country falls apart,” he also said. “At the same time, I’m telling you a story in which the country is one good idea away from a Golden Age.”

Scott’s call for help finding a plan for the president to sell: “How does some individual who just knows a lot about insurance get their plan in front of the public? And that’s what I’m offering to help today. Chances are that whoever is smart enough in the public to put together a health care plan that helps everybody, if such a person exists, it is unlikely that they also possess good packaging, branding, persuasion skills. So that is what I am here to offer.”

Full transcript:

SCOTT ADAMS: I promised that I was going to solve the biggest problems in the world. And I’m going to lay out a path for doing that. Here’s my starting supposition: I believe that if President Trump’s administration starts getting some momentum, and they get on a roll, all kinds of good things could begin to happen, and we could be entering a Golden Age.

By Golden Age, I mean a period where things are relatviely peaceful, the economy is good, people are figuring stuff out, health care is good. But in order to get momentum, first you have to accomplish a few things that both sides say is good.

So far, the president has accomplished things that one side, his own side, says are good, but the other side says are bad or unneccesary. I’m thinking about the executive orders, here.

But suppose he were to get a few things done that were unambiguously good for everyone. That could create a momentum which could be quite important. You’ve seen already that President Trump has some momentum on North Korea, by cleverly reframing the situation from the old way of “North Korea vs. the United States,” a spunky little wannabe country that is taking on the big monster devil U.S., into:

You may have noticed just in the last few days, the frame was completely changed –and I’ve never seen this done before, so I think it is not a coincidence– that you get someone with President Trump’s persuasion skills in office and suddenly the frame changes. You notice the new frame from the U.N. security council? They voted unanimously, which means that China and Russia were on our side on this, to …read more

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