Radio host and author Mark Steyn makes that case that the rest of the media sounds “insane” for seeming to be more concerned about President Trump’s choice of words than the very real danger posed by a rogue nuclear power like North Korea.

“They’re actually arguing about the president’s rhetoric at a time when a government has made an explicit threat to nuke U.S. territory. These guys are the crazy ones?”

“People are arguing about whether he can merely nuke Guam, or whether he can nuke Boston,” Steyn said about the media’s specualtions. “These are absurd differences. The fact is the sane housetrained politicians spent a quarter century allowing us to get to this point. That is why we are at a hellish point.”

Host Brian Kilmeade also remarked about the time that HASC Chairman Sen. John McCain at times called Kim Jong Un a “stupid fat kid” and sang “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” …read more

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