• What are the swing states in 2016?

    By cmahtesian@politico.com (Charlie Mahtesian) The hard-wired modern electoral map makes it hard to believe there was once a time when presidential elections unfolded across the national landscape, rather than in a random and limited collection of states. Today, roughly two-thirds of the states are written off as the province of one party or the other […]

  • In Trump, pro-gay rights Republicans see a new hope

    By kcheney@politico.com (Kyle Cheney) Republican gay rights advocates, long sidelined by the party’s socially conservative core, suddenly see an opening to move the GOP away from its hardline opposition to same-sex marriage. And they think Donald Trump is the candidate to help them do it. Trump buoyed Republican LGBT activists with his defense of the […]

  • Inside the swing-state playbooks

    By kglueck@politico.com (Katie Glueck) Republicans will rely on the sheer force of Donald Trump’s personality to tap into deep-seated voter anger. Democrats are counting on a superior field organization to serve as Hillary Clinton’s firewall. Interviews with state party chairs in the 11 critical battleground states that will likely decide the general election reveal the […]

  • Battleground boss: Clinton leads Trump across swing-state map

    By SShepard@politico.com (Steven Shepard) Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the 11 pivotal states likely to determine the outcome of this year’s presidential election, according to the debut of POLITICO’s Battleground States polling average. As the 2016 general election begins, Clinton holds a 5-point overall advantage in the POLITICO Battleground States polling average over Trump, […]

  • Politics
    Americans Are Right to Be Angry at President Obama

    By Caroline Glick Is Islamic State opposed to gay marriage? Was anger at the US Supreme Court’s decision mandating recognition of homosexual marriage what prompted Omar Mateen to massacre fifty Americans at the gay nightclub in Orlando on Saturday night? What about gun control? Is Islamic State, to which Mateen announced his allegiance as he […]

  • World
    UK chancellor warns of Brexit budget cuts

    George Osborne says he will have to raise taxes and slash public spending if the UK votes to leave the EU – but 57 Tory MPs say such steps would make his position untenable. …read more Read more here: UK chancellor warns of Brexit budget cuts