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Trump: Russia An Excuse By Democrats When They Lost Election

President Trump told Sean Hannity that Russia is an “excuse” used by Democrats for why they lost the election. Trump said Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because of Russia, she was a “bad candidate” and one that didn’t campaign where she should have.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: I have identified, and I’ve even talked to this (audio), I’ve never seen any one person face as much in terms of attacks as you have. You have a media that’s hostile. You have Democrats that are hostile.

You have Republicans that are hostile. A lot – deep state that has been leaking on you. And one of the things that has come up almost throughout your whole Presidency is this Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia obsession. Here’s my question, I interviewed Julian Assange five times. I’ve talked to him other times. He has said it’s not Russia. There was no collusion.

They didn’t come – the DNC note did not come from them. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher met with him and he says he has proof positive evidence that would show the Trump campaign never colluded with Russia. He just want – is it in the best interest of the country that if he has that information that he should give it?

It seems – I’m guessing here – he wants in return to be left alone. Should the country – does the country deserve to know the truth that (be how’s that)?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The country has to know the truth. And also we can’t let anybody play around with our voters and our voter system. But I have to tell you this, going forth, Russia was an excuse used by the Democrats when they lost the election. They said – they lost the election, they sat in a room, and they said, “Wow. We look bad.”

The morning after I tracked – it’s been written about I guess in various books or a book – but they said, “Why did you lose the election?” They said, “Nah. It was Russia, Russia.” It wasn’t Russia. It was a bad candidate. It was a candidate that didn’t go to Wisconsin and Michigan like they should have.


TRUMP: It was a candidate that spent tremendously more money than I did, as you know. More than double. And didn’t do well in Pennsylvania, this great state, didn’t do well in Florida, didn’t do well in North Carolina or South Carolina. I mean lost Wisconsin for the first time in decades. Lost Michigan.

Now, with all of that being said their candidate – but they said Russia. Then they say, “Ah, it was Trump that colluded with Russia.” I’m saying, I did? So look, here the story and I think it’s something. This was an excuse by the Democrats and people got carried away.

This was a terrible – and it’s very bad for our country what’s happened because I don’t deal with Russia. During this campaign, forget it. Forget it. This was an excuse that was used by the Democrats. It was an excuse for losing an election that frankly they should have won because winning the Electoral College is so easy for a Democrat.

You have to – they start off with three major states and to win the Electoral College for a Democrat it’s almost like a given. That’s why people said you can not get to 270. Well, we got to 306, OK. Because we won a lot of the good States.


TRUMP: But, I thought it was very sad when I saw this because they’re using excuses and one other thing I have to say, the Electoral College I never appreciated. I always – I would rather have a popular vote. For me it’s easier because you go to different states.

For me the popular vote is easier but the one thing about the Electoral College it takes you around to the States that you would not go to otherwise. So it’s been a great thing. But I say this we had an unbelievable, unprecedented election. It was – I’m so proud of my people. …read more

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