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WH Spox Raj Shah On North Korea, Guns, Mueller Probe, Stormy Daniels

ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl goes one-on-one with White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah on “This Week.” They discuss North Korea, gun safety, the Russia probe, Stormy Daniels, trade, and Carl Icahn.

KARL: All right, well let’s get to another topic where you can give me specifics, the Russia investigation. The president has told me twice now, once last year and once this year, that he will meet and talk to the special counsel, answer questions under oath. I assume the president plans to keep his word on that?

SHAH: Well, look, he’s also said that that will be in consultation with his attorneys. They have been in touch with the special counsel and they are — they’re going to be communicating back and forth —

KARL: But he said 100 percent to me, 100 percent yes. Is that — is there any —

SHAH: I’m sure he intends to. But — but what I’m saying is that his attorneys are communicating with the special counsel on the specifics regarding that.

KARL: And it was reported this week that President Trump asked White House Counsel Don McGahn to deny that the president had asked him to fire Special Counsel Mueller. And then — so I’ve got two questions on it, (ph) two specific ones. Did the president ask McGahn to fire Mueller and did he subsequently ask him to deny that he had done that?

SHAH: Well again, matters pertaining to the special counsel, we are communicating, cooperating with the special counsel on. I can’t go any further than that. I will say the president has been very clear and consistent. There was no collusion in this matter, no obstruction in this matter, there’s not going to be any finding of wrongdoing. But the White House is cooperating with the special counsel’s office —

KARL: But I’m not asking about the special counsel, I’m asking you of what the — of the president’s actions. Did the president ask his White House counsel to fire Mueller?

SHAH: Again, this is a matter that has been asked about with the special counsel.

KARL: So, you can’t tell me if that’s not true?

SHAH: What I’m saying is that matters pertaining to the special counsel are being dealt with with the special counsel and we’re not litigating them in the press. …read more

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